iData 80

Industry pioneer large 5.7-inch screen

Large 5.7-inch screen: big and brand new display shows
more comprehensive, let you have a better view and work

18:9 full view display leading design

The leading 18:9 full view display: same
vision as PAD and great handheld
experience as a PDA.

Supreme configuration,
stronger performance

Multiple field enterprise
data collection function

ompatible with multiple types of industrial-level scanning engines, satisfy the bar code scanning 
demands of different scenes;Support multiple professional data automatic recognition and collection modes like NFC, GPS and cameras, help the users to collect the business data accurately and rapidly.

Safer and more reliable

iData 80 can meet a protection grade of IP65 bear 1.5-meter-high drop, adapt to more complex and severe working environment.

iData 80 boasts an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor so you can swift unlock the mobile computer; supports multiple fingerprint recognition applications, satisfy all mobile application demands of Enterprises.

iData Series Enterprise Applications

iData self-developed Enterprise apps (iSeries Apps), among many others, it includes the iLauncher (Kiosk or Lock-down mode) where admin can customize which apps and features are available for the users of the iData 80.


Utilities and Public Service